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Home Lighting System

 Home Lighting System


1 DUSL 12 NMC 11.1 12-18
2 DUSL 12 LFPO4 12.8 12-24 Customizable
3 DUSL 15 NMC 11.1 16-30
4 DULI   18 LFPO4 12.8 18-30

How All in One solar street light works?

Solar home light system aims at providing solar electricity for operating lights and/or fan for specified hours of operation per day. This is a highly reliable ,safe,and cost effective solutions for home and industries. These systems are user friendly.
One or more wall mounting type luminaries/fan are fixed indoors in the desired location
and provided with ON/OFF switch.

  • System working on D.C. Power consists of Solar PV Module, Battery, Charge Controller, CFL tubes/ LED luninary, DC fan.
  • Various models available from 2 lights to many more.
  • 3 to 6 hours of operation under STC
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Adequate protections and indications provided.

Product Description

Solar Home Lighting System

Standard Packaging Contains:

  • Solar  DC System: 1 pieces
  • DC Table Fan 12"
  • LED Bulbs 5W: 4 pieces
  • AC DC Adapter: 1 piece


  • Can take load upto 100 watts
  • Maintenance Free, No Fuel Cost, Long Life, Pollution Free, Safe & Simple
  • In-built Battery 11.1V 30Ah
  • FM Radio/MP3/USB
  • Dusk till Dawn Sensor
  • Grid Charging (optional)
  • In-built Charge Controller
  • Zero Idle Current
  • Increases Battery Life
  • High/Low Voltage Protection for Battery
  • Deep Battery Discharge Protection
  • Output Overload / Short Circuit Protection
  • The price is only for Solar Mini DC System
  • The price does not include LED Bulbs, Solar PV Panel etc
  • The picture shown is for illustration purpose only. Actual product may vary

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